Rules of A Gentleman

Philosophy and life advice are rarely simple. But for men, they should be. We're the kind who'd nip into the store to get what we want, and then leave. Unless it so happens to be hardware or sports equipment, then it might take a bit longer.

This site is dedicated to succinct reminders as to how real gentlemen should live their lives. I really love "Just Keep Walking". It applies to nearly everything in life. Unless you've just run into an old lady, I suppose.

Never Look Back

This isn't my first blog, but I intend to actually keep this one up to date. Never look back, they say, no regrets!

has been one of my most favorite apps ever. Since I discovered its delights in 2008, I've had the pleasure of discovering thousands of sites, pictures, videos, and music that I wouldn't have come across were it not for the thousands of other users who direct us there.

This is not meant to be an ad/testimonial for Stumbleupon, but just something I've wanted to share for some time now. This won't be just stumbled sites, but occasionally I'll write some original posts :)